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Fear Free Veterinary Visits

We want your pet to love going to the vet!

The days of you dreading taking your pet to the veterinarian's office because they are so afraid is a thing of the past.  We strive to make your trip to vet's office as fun and easy as possible!

How do we accomplish this?

We provide a calm atmosphere and a fun, rewarding experience for your pet.  We accomplish this by having cat and dog specific exam rooms. We strive to schedule your appointment so there is minimal to no time spent in the waiting area.  During our examination we work with your pet where it is most comfortable, whether that be the floor, our arms, or on the exam table. We give them lots of treats and love. Our rooms are sprayed daily with dog or cat specific pheromones which encourage a peaceful visit.  We even play music that has been scientifically proven to help calm our pets.

The following tips will help your pet have a Fear Free Vet Experience:

-If you feel like your pet is going to be afraid or has had a bad experience at the vet in the past, tell our staff when you make your appointment. We may recommend some anti-anxiety tools or even mild medications to help ease your pet's concerns before the visit.

-Bring your pet's favorite treats to the appointment. It's also best if you limit food before the appointment.  This is so your pet will respond better to all the treats they will receive during the appointment. 

-Let your pet play or exercise before your appointment.  This will help burn off some of the excess energy before your visit.

-If your dog or cat is scared by its carrier, we encourage you to set it out a few days before the appointment.  Feed your pet in the carrier or give them a treat when they go explore or lay in it.

-Stay calm; your pet can also feel your stress and worry.  If you try to stay calm, they will too.

-Be Patient.  Sometimes a fear free visit doesn't happen instantly; it may take a few visits for your pet to realize the vet is not so bad.  Depending on the severity of your pets fear and anxiety we may suggest sedating your pet, or re-scheduling for another day where we can work together more to make the visit a positive one.

-Stop by frequently! You're always welcome to come by, say "Hi," and get a few free treats.   The more you do this, the more your pet will realize that the vet doesn't always mean shots. 

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